About the bank

Բանկի մասին

About the bank


Բանկի մասին
Bank’s mission, vision and Values

Unibank is a dynamically developing innovative bank that provides its customers with a wide range of retail and corporate business services. The Bank’s mission is to contribute to the development of the economy of the Republic of Armenia, the improvement of the financial situation of its customers, shareholders, and partners, as well as the enhancement of the societal demand for quality financial services.

Unibank is striving to become a universal bank for each client by means of expanding the range of its operations, services, and tools offered, by meeting the needs of customers by virtue of both expanding the range of its services and improving the quality of service.

Our Values:

  • Attentive and honest attitude towards customers;
  • Strong team and a result-oriented approach;
  • Public trust;
  • Reputation, reliability and stability.

We strive to:

  • Strengthen and expand the bank's position in the financial market;
  • Ensure a high quality service and improve the service process;
  • Raise the level of access to the demanded banking services;
  • Introduce the best practices for transparent business modeling and corporate governance;
  • Increase the Bank’s investment attractiveness.
General information

Unibank OJSC was founded in 2001 as a closed joint-stock company.

Currently, Unibank is a universal bank that offers a wide range of modern services to its customers. Thanks to many years of effective work, the bank has gained the trust of the population and acquired an impeccable business reputation among its partners.

Based on the combination of classic banking standards and modern technologies in its activity, Unibank has acquired a solid position in both the retail and the corporate segment of the banking market. Unibank is currently one of the leading and most popular banks in Armenia.

The strategic purpose of Unibank is the development of retail direction as well as the provision of assistance to small and medium businesses. Favorable conditions of banking services, new approaches in line with market expectations, and high-quality customer service contribute to the establishment of mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation with customers.

Having a large branch network is a prerequisite for the development of the retail banking business. Today Unibank is represented by its headquarters and 50 branches.

According to the decision No. 24 FOU A of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia dated 28.04.17, “Unibank” Open Joint-Stock Company, “REGO INSURANCE” Insurance Closed Joint-Stock Company and “Unileasing” Universal credit organization Closed Joint-Stock Company were qualified /recognized/ as an Armenian multi-profile low-risk financial group with a banking subgroup called "UNIGROUP".

Significant events

Unibank became a member of the “ArCa” payment and settlement system.

Unibank became a member of the Visa International system.

Unibank started large-scale lending on the mortgage and car loans, occupying the second and first places in the Armenian banking system, respectively.

Unibank became a participant of the IFAD Rural Investment Promotion Program, as well as the SMEDNC Foundation Small and Medium Business Development Program.
According to a DEA analysis carried out by the Central Bank of RA, Unibank took second place in the Armenian banking system with a comparative efficiency index.

Unibank replenished its authorized capital up to 5,599 million AMD.

ABN AMRO Bank’s risk management program was introduced.

Unibank became a member of the Armenia Securities Exchange.

The authorized capital of the Bank was replenished up to 8,599 million AMD.

Unibank launched a Blade server group, which introduced the international experience of using modern technologies.

The branch network of Unibank was connected to the unified database. Currently, all the branches of the Bank work online.

Moody's rating agency has assigned an international rating to Unibank.

Unibank launched its own processing center.

Together with Asian Development Bank, Unibank CJSC carries out a trade finance program, in the scope of which the entrepreneurs are provided with letters of credit and bank guarantees. The objective of the program is to increase the volume of international trade and encourage the development of trade in Armenia, which in turn will help to ensure sustainable economic growth in the country.

Thomson Reuters international corporation has awarded Unibank with “The best dealing bank 2012 in Armenia” title.
Unibank is included in the list of the 100 largest taxpayers in Armenia.

A member of the World Bank Group, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB), and Unibank signed a cooperation contract, directed at the expansion of the lending program for SMEs.

Unibank started cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham), becoming a correspondent member of the organization.

Unibank started the process of introducing the international standard ISO 27001:2013.

The Bank started cooperation with Intel Express international money transfer system.

Unibank provided the 100,000th consumer loan in 2014 with the help of the automated system of “Protobase Laboratories” company.

Unibank was granted the "Quality Excellence" award (RBI STP Quality Awards) by Raiffeisen Bank International for ensuring high-quality SWIFT transfers.

Unibank introduced an information security management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 international standards.

Unibank became a Depository account operator and a member of the settlement system in the regulated market.

“Unibank” CJSC was restructured into “Unibank” Open Joint-Stock Company.

Unibank was the winner of the "People's Bank" category of Armenia, at the annual “MERCURY” award ceremony.

“Unibank” OJSC completed the first stage of creating a modern data processing center. The center is based on the integrated solution of Huawei, one of the largest companies in the field of telecommunications.

Moody's confirmed the rating of Unibank; forecast: stable.

The placement of ordinary registered shares of "Unibank" OJSC (UNIB) on the platform of “NASDAQ OMX Armenia” OJSC was successfully completed. The placement was conducted through a regular open standard auction from December 18 to December 24, 2015. 186 deals were concluded, during which a total of 10,672,471 ordinary registered shares in the amount of 2,454,668,330 AMD were placed.

Unibank switched to the new ProtoCRM system developed by “Protobase” Laboratories.

Unibank issued dollar nominal coupon bonds for the first time, which were listed in “NASDAQ OMX Armenia” OJSC and were included in the primary (Abond) list of bonds.

Unibank created corp.unibank.am website special for its shareholders and investors.

Unibank launched a modern data processing center, which is a universal information infrastructure intended for the placement and ensuring uninterrupted work of server, network and communication equipment.

Moody’s Investors Service international agency confirmed the B3 rating of Unibank’s long-term deposits in AMD and foreign currency, changing the forecast to “Positive”.

Unibank celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The ordinary registered shares of Unibank were transferred from the secondary “B” list of “NASDAQ OMX Armenia to the primary “A” one.

Unibank was named "Partner of the Year" at the “Bank of the Future 2016” international conference in Athens.

The Board of the Bank decided to pay the owners of the Bank’s ordinary registered shares interim dividends for the period January-September of the current year in the form of ordinary registered shares.

The total capital of Unibank exceeded 35.2 billion AMD.

Ordinary registered shares of “Unibank” OJSC were certified and transferred to the free market (C)

Unibank was awarded the certificate of compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS 3.2 standard

With the support of Unibank, Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall hosted a symphonic concert of young musicians “Masters Build Masters”

The delegation of Unibank participated in the CyberCentral conference in Prague

Bako Sahakyan awarded Gagik Zakaryan, the Chairman of Board of “Unibank” OJSC, with “Vachagan Barepasht” medal

The Union of Banks of Armenia awarded Gagik Zakaryan and Vardan Atayan, Chairmen of the Board of the Unibank, with "Tigran the Great" commemorative medal

Mesrop Hakobyan was taken on as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Bank

Unibank was the first in Armenia to successfully pass the SWIFT certification

Unibank and Export Insurance Agency of Armenia concluded an agreement of cooperation.

Unibank, within the framework of its social responsibility policy, started implementing a school improvement and furnishing financing program.

Unibank and FMO started the implementation of a lending program called “Women in Business”.

On the initiative of the RA Ministry of Culture, with the support of Unibank, a jubilee concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of world-famous duduk master Jivan Gasparyan took place.

Unibank carried out 4 issues of bonds, placing 1 billion AMD and 5 million USD bonds.

“George Chaush”, “Noragavit”, “Isakov”, “Gugark” and “Ararat” branches of Unibank were opened.

VLV Electronics network of electrical shops recognized Unibank as the best partner in 2019.

SME Banking Club granted Unibank “Most Innovative Bank 2018” a certificate

Unibank was granted the Visa International Payment System Award in the “Largest Visa Issuance in Armenia” category for issuing the biggest number of cards in Armenia.

Unibank continued the implementation of its support program to borderline village schools.

The sports hall of Shaghat Secondary School in Sisian was restocked with new sports equipment, and a tatami was provided for the training of the judo group.

Unibank was granted Visa «Sustainability Icon» award

A branch of Unibank was opened in Aparan

Unibank’s “Sisian” branch was opened

Unibank’s Dollar bonds were listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Unibank launched credit scoring based on artificial intelligence

Unibank’s data processing center started working using green energy

Raiffeisen Bank International granted Unibank the “Quality Excellence 2020” award

Intellectual games festival, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Unibank, took place

Preferred shares of Unibank were placed on the Armenian Stock Exchange

Unibank’s “Arin berd” branch was opened in Erebouni district

SME banking club included Unibank in the list of banks offering the best business loans

Unibank was recognized as the best innovative member of Armenian Stock Exchange.

Unibank’s "Hayreniq" and "Tashir" branches were opened

Unibank Brings Apple Pay to Customers

Unibank has been awarded by Visa for strong partnership in driving cashless 

Sustainalytics Confirmed the Compliance of Unibank’s Green Bond

Framework with the International Standards

Unibank became a regular partner of “Pan-Armenian intellectual movement” 

Digital banking laboratory was opened at the National Polytechnic

University of Armenia with the financing of Unibank

Unibank’s private banking — Unibank Privé —  was recognized as the best in Armenia in the Euromoney Global Private Banking Awards 2023.

Pinnacle Partnership Award by Visa

Unibank became the main sponsor of the Wrestling Federation of Armenia

Unibank and Matena International Business School for Leadership and Professional Development became partners

Unibank became a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Armenia (CCI FA)

Unibank launched Google Pay support for card users in Armenia

Unibank launched a new service - Visa Direct

FINTECH360 international conference held in Yerevan with the support of Unibank

A new sports club Unisport  was opened with the support of Unibank

Unibank’s futsal team became the winner of Financial banking conference

Significant Participants

Direct essential share

Name of participant

Resident / Non resident

Activity type


«Uniholding GG Limited»

non resident


83,6 %

Indirect essential share

Indirect essential share in the Bank have two participants of "Uniholding GG Limited" Gagik Zakaryan and George Piskov.

Unigroup financial group

According to the decision No. 24 of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia dated 28.04.17, “Unibank” Open Joint-Stock Company, "REGO INSURANCE" Closed Joint-Stock Company and “Unileasing” Universal credit organization Closed Joint-Stock Company were qualified /recognized/ as an Armenian multi-profile low-risk financial group with a banking subgroup called "UNIGROUP".

“UNIGROUP” financial group’s structure

“UNIGROUP” financial group’s reports

Bank rating
05 July, 2023

Moody’s Investor Service international agency has assigned a rating to Unibank

Category Moody's Rating

Category Moody's Rating




Counterparty Risk Rating


Bank Deposits


Baseline Credit Assessment


Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment


Counterparty Risk Assessment


Source: Moody's Investors Service

Corporate management

Committees under the Bank's Board

Investment Committee


Board Member Georgе Piskov


Chairman of the Board Gagik Zakaryan


Board Member Philippe Delmotte


Board Member Karine Minasyan


Board Member Rouben Indjikian


Head of Corporate Administration Anna Badoyan

The Investment Committee carries out the functions of the Bank's reserves, investment management decision-making and control over their implementation, as well as discussion of issues related to the current coordination of investment activities and financial analysis.

Audit and Risk Management Committee


Board Member Hrahat Arzumanyan


Chairman of the Board Gagik Zakaryan


Board Member Georgе Piskov


Board Member Vardan Atayan


Internal Audit Director Arthur Ghukasov 


Head of Corporate Administration Anna Badoyan

The objective of the Committee is to assist the Bank’s Board in implementing the corporate governance and control function assigned to it, which is related to internal and external audit, internal control structure and risk management systems, legislation, and preservation of the internal legal acts.

HR & Remuneration Committee


Chairman of the Board Gagik Zakaryan


Board Member Georgе Piskov


Board Member Vardan Atayan


Board Member Karine Minasyan


Head of Corporate Administration Anna Badoyan

The purpose of the Committee is the refinement of the bank's personnel policy, presentation of suggestions related to personnel policy to the Board, cultivation of a motivation and reward system for the Management staff.

Principles of Evaluation the Bank’s Executive Body Work

The Executive Body of “Unibank” OJSC is a collegial body governed by the Chairman of the Executive Board. The evaluation of the Executive Board's activities is carried out by the Board of the Bank, at least once every quarter, in accordance with the reporting forms approved by the Board of the Bank. The reports are submitted to the Executive Board both by the Bank's Management as a collegial body and by each of the Executive Board Members individually.

The Board is basing upon the acts compiled as a result of inspections carried out by various bodies, approved standards, and the performances planned by the Bank's Perspective Development Program for evaluating the performance of the Bank’s Executive Board.

Human Resources Management Policy

The relationship between Unibank and its employees is built upon the principles of long-term cooperation and mutual respect, as well as the accurate management of mutual obligations. The Bank is continuously creating all the necessary conditions for the professional development of its employees and strives to create beneficial conditions for the formation and strengthening of positive relations in the staff.

Privacy Policy

Collecting and storing customer data in a proper way are the most important guarantee of customers' trust in "Unibank" OJSC. The Bank may disclose only the information required by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Transactions between people related to the Bank

There is a differentiated approach to the requirements of transactions with legal entities and individuals related to the bank. The bank carries out transactions with the persons mentioned in the clause in compliance with the requirements of Article 39 of the RA Law on Banks and Banking. Transactions with persons related to the bank may not provide more favorable conditions for them (including the opportunity to conclude a transaction, price, interest, term, etc.) than other individuals not considered employees of the Bank, as well as with legal entities concluding similar transactions.

Transactions between the Bank and people related to the Bank are concluded by the Bank in compliance with the relevant procedures for concluding such transactions.

The Number of the Bank’s Employees

The number of the Bank's employees as of 31.12.2023 is 821.

Correspondence network

Unibank has an array of correspondent banks all around the world, which enables it to carry out any international transaction more efficiently.

Dear customers,

In connection with the imposition of new sanctions against Russia, when making SWIFT transfers through Russian banks, please contact the staff of Unibank to verify the information currently required.

Telephone: +374 10 59 55 55 

Branch network: www.unibank.am/hy/branch/

The headquarters, branches and ATMs of the Bank
Bank requisites
Full Name «Unibank» Open Joint-Stock Company
Banking license 81, issued by the Central Bank of Armenia on 10.10.2001, re-issued on 23.06.2015.
Certificate of registration Registration Certificate N 0373, Date of registration: 09.10.2001
Address 1-5, number 53, 12 Charents Street, Yerevan, Armenia
TIN 02559077
RA CB correspondence account number 103002102418
Postal Index 0025
Phone + 37410 59 22 59
Fax + 37410 55 51 40
Website www.unibank.am