Each shareholder of “Unibank” OJSC has the right to get the copies of the bank’s latest annual and external audit reports for free according to Part 4, Article 43 of the RA Law on “Banks and Banking”.

On demand of each shareholder possessing more than 2% of the Bank’s Outstanding Voting Shares, the Bank must provide them with all the information set by Parts 4 and 5, Article 43 of the RA Law on “Banks and Banking” /the Law may be found in the “Regulations” section of the Bank’s website/.

a) Information about the Bank’s Chief Accountant, Board and Executive Board Chairmen referred to in paragraph 16.4 of the Regulation,

b) Information on the total amount of remuneration received by the Bank’s Board Members, the Executive Board Chairman and the Chief Accountant from the Bank during the previous year (including bonuses, fees for certain work done for the Bank, other earnings equivalent to salary), data on loans and other borrowing from the Bank by them or people related to them (including the repaid ones)- the amount, interest rate and maturity period inclusive, information about the significant participants in the Bank, such as their names (title), the level of their activity at the Bank (except those having an indirect significant participation without having a share in the statutory capital of the Bank, also data on loans and other borrowings from the Bank by them or other people related to them during the previous year (including the paid ones)- the amount, rate and maturity period inclusive.

Information on major transaction between the Bank and people related to it, as well as on other transactions made during the preceding two years before the submission of the request for such information and related to paragraphs “a-c”, “i” of Part 1, Article 34 of the RA Law on “Banks and Banking”,

d) Information on the responsibilities taken by the Bank for the obligations of people related to it.

e) The Bank's involvement in the creation of groups of participants carrying out similar policies, as well as the names (titles) of participants who act as parties of the Agreement.

f) Copies of Documents confirming the Bank's property rights to the assets reflected in the balance sheet of the Bank, internal acts of the Bank approved by the General meeting or other management bodies, Regulations of the Bank’s separate subdivisions and institutions, financial and statistical reports submitted by the Bank to the Public Administration Bodies, records of meetings of the General Assembly, Board and Board of Directors, conclusions of Supervisions and Inspections carried out by the Central Bank, as well as the copies of decisions of the Central Bank on sanctions applied by the Central Bank to the Bank and / or the Executive Head of the Bank, reports submitted to the Board and the Chairman of the Executive Board (the Board) by the Head of Internal Audit.

g) The list of the Legal Entities in whose statutory funds the Bank's managers or people related to them have 20% or more participation or an opportunity to have an impact on their decisions.

All the participants of the Bank must be provided with the protocols of the Calculating Committee.

According to this Article, the information received by the Bank’s Participant must not be transferred to other Persons, neither must they be used to disrupt the Bank’s business reputation, to breach the rights or legal interests of the Bank's participants or customers or any other purposes. Otherwise, they are subject to liability in accordance with the RA and other normative legal acts.

On demand, the Banks has to provide anyone with:

a) the copies of the Bank’s State Registration Certificate and its Regulations,

b) the copy of prospectus of the Bank’s shares issue in case of the open subscription for shares,

c) In case of public placement of bonds and other securities issued by the Bank, information on “Securities Market” in accordance with the RA Law, as well as the volume and procedure defined by the normative legal acts adopted on the basis thereof,

d) Information or copies of the documents referred to in Paragraph 16.1 of the Bank's Regulations.

The costs for the provision of this information must not exceed the amount of money spent on its preparations and/or on its postal delivery.

The Bank provides with the above mentioned information within 3 working days after the submission of the written application. The written application may be submitted in the following forms:
- In hard copies at the Bank’s Head Office, Branches or the Representative Office
- Via Email

- Via Post (Address: 1-5, 53, 12 Carents Street, Yeravan, Armenia