Utility bill payments

Utility bill payments

Utility bill payments may be made at all the branches of Unibank /find the addresses here /. Our system of receiving payment stands out with its fast service and convenience. Clients are provided with UNIPAY bill payments card on which necessary information may be found. To make payments in the following months, clients provide our employees with only those cards.  

Individual utility bill payment card
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Taking into account the great demand of the population for the automation of the process of utility payments, "Unibank" has launched a new unified system of regular utility payments, using the upgraded IT infrastructure.

For the customer to use this service, they simply need to visit the bank's nearest branch and fill in the application-instruction form for regular payments. Accordingly, the customer instructs the bank to make monthly payments for utilities, over the period, with limits, and priority specified by them.

After filling in the application-instruction form, the customer is given a special card, with the indication of the customer’s name and surname, bank account number, and personal identification number.

The customer may choose to receive information about the transaction they have made by a phone call, SMS message, or email. This service has aroused great interest among the customers of the "Unistream" money transfer system.

People living abroad can send the necessary funds to make their or third-party payments to the relevant account via the "Unistream" money transfer system, being sure that the Bank will implement them on time. The Bank bears the responsibility for actually implementing the payment and passing it to the addressee.

The payments are made online, which ensures the speed of the transfer, i.e. the transfer is immediately reflected in the database of the service provider.