Unibank offers individuals and legal entities deposits with an interest rate of up to 10.2% per annum. Due to the attractive combination of reliability and profitability, deposits have become an effective way of saving up and multiplying investments.

The annually interest rate on demand deposits is 0.1%.

On the balance of bank accounts of resident and non-resident individuals and legal entities 0% is calculated.

Deposit agreement template

Deposit Calculator

Deposit with a high, up to 10.2% per annum for AMD and 3.25% per annum for USD. The minimum amount of the deposit is AMD 100,000 or USD 1000.
Deposit with a high, up to 2.75% per annum for USD and up to 9.7% per annum for AMD. Deposit replenishment is allowed without any monetary or quantitative limit throughout the term of the deposit.
A deposit for the guardians of children who received “financial aid” from the state for up to 18 years, in the manner prescribed by law.