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Dear clients, 
Unibank has expanded the operations of the “Intenet Bank-Customer” system and updated the design, increasing the quality and convenience of using the system for the customers. May you have any questions about using the system, click on the question mark to get some help. You can contact our specialists by calling (+37410) 59 55 55.
Ինտերնետ բանկ
“Internet Banking-Customer” system is designed for managing customers' bank accounts via the Internet. The system provides the customer with the opportunity of full banking service in real-time, offering secure access to banking information via the Internet. It enables the customer to work with payment documents, send those documents to the Bank via the Internet, receive their bank account statements, etc. without being physically present at the Bank.

The system allows you to perform the following operations:
  • Work with the payment documents,
  • Delivery of payment documents to the bank via the Internet,
  • Obtaining invoice statements for any period,
  • pay for utilities.

Get acquainted with the “Internet Bank-Customer” tariffs here.

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On how to enter the "Internet Banking - Customer" system

In order to use the system, you need to enter the BANK CLIENT website and enter the code and the password. If the data is entered incorrectly, the system will notify you about it. In that case, the entry should be repeated. After entering the code and the password, press “Login”, and then the system will authenticate the client and request the secret key.

After the registration in the system, the main menu is opened, where the customer may choose the operation he needs for the upcoming work. The main page displays information about all the accounts with which the customer can make transactions (account number, currency, opening date, etc.). Statements on the accounts will be available on the “Balance” page. The system also provides the opportunity to print the payment documents.

Ensuring the security of the “Internet Banking - Customer” system

The authentication of the customer is carried out by checking the customer code, password, and secret key. The right of access is confirmed in the bank. The bank's server records and maintains all customer operations. The payment documents prepared by the customer are under the mutual control of the customer and the bank.