Favorable lending conditions create wider business development opportunities for the small and medium-sized enterprises and private entrepreneurs. We offer specially designed credit programs for a particular group of customers based on market-specific business studies. This kind of approach ensures an active development for the SME and fulfils the customers’ expectations.

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Business loans

Business loan “U-Ar&Tur”



As a capital investment (loan or revolving credit line)

As a replenishment for fixed and working assets (revolving line of credit)


Loans for providing business enterprises in Armenia specialised in the field of trade with equipment and fixed assets, as well as for financing the renovation of commercial areas.

Loans for providing business enterprises in Armenia specialised in the field of trade with finances to acquire fixed and working assets, floating charge over stock of goods and other current obligations.

The line of credit is tailored to suit the following business goals:

● Financing current obligations

● Refinancing account payable,

● Customs clearance expenses and so on

Loan amount

Up to AMD 50.000.000 or equivalent foreign currency (up to 75% of capital investments)

Up to AMD 25.000.000 or equivalent foreign currency





Up to AMD 4 million

Up to USD/EUR 8000

Annual interest rate









13.5 %

11 %

9.5 %

14.5 %

12 %

10 %

Loan maturity period

Up to 120 months with a grace period of 24 months

Up to 36 months with a prolongation possibility and provided that there are no overdue payments, a grace period of maximum 12 months (once a year) will be provided to the client.

Up to 60 months with a prolongation possibility.

Credit line is subject to be paid in at least 12 months in case borrower appears in a worse financial situation

Eligible borrowers

-private entrepreneur or legal entity

- minimum 6 months of business activity

- Not a bad credit history in accordance with the Bank’s Loan Policy

Loan currency


Loan repayment plan

Interests are to be paid on a monthly basis.

Equal (annuity) or unequal (differentiated) repayment of loan principal based on business specifications.

Early loan repayment is allowed without restrictions.

Loan interest rate is accrued to the outstanding decreasing loan balance. No amendments to the nominal interest rate are planned by the bank within the whole term of agreement, if borrower does not violate terms set by the agreement. Given that loan is issued in a foreign currency, amendments to foreign currency exchange rates may have an impact on loan repayments.

Loan disbursement method

The loan is issued non-cash through crediting client’s respective current account.


Movable (vehicle) or immovable property, floating charge over stock of goods, fixed and working assets, Yellow Gold 500 or more in the form of any jewelry, but a bullion (precious stones are not valued).

Guarantee by founding and/or executive director(s)


Movable (vehicle) or immovable property


Fixed and working assets


Bank account turnover

WARNING: In case of a failure to make timely payments on the loan interest and principal amount, the pledged property may be confiscated and the customer-related information will be recorded in the loan registry. In case borrower fails to fulfil their obligations or in case of redeeming the obligations as a result of delinquent liabilities on account of the collateral, if the value of the collateral is not enough for covering the borrower's loan obligations, then the Bank has an opportunity to redeem the loan obligations on account of the borrower's other properties .

Loan to value (LTV) ratio

Maximum 70 % in case of the presence of an immovable property

Maximum 50 % in case of a movable property (vehicles, floating charge over stock of goods or equipment)

Commission fees

0.5% of the loan amount (one-off)

1% of the loan amount (one-off), but not less than AMD 10.000

Additional priorities

Fee-free maintenance of POS terminals for a year (in case the client wishes)

Application processing fee

AMD 10.000 (if the collateral is an immovable property)

Maximum cash withdrawal (daily)


Maximum cash withdrawal from revolving line of credit per day is set in the amount of the revolving credit line.


In case of a credit line with a good turnover of repayment plan each violation of it costs the client 1% of the unpaid minimum amount.

For overlimit, annual interest rate is calculated in accordance with the Bank’s existing tariffs.

A penalty of 0.13 % per day is charged for overdue payments according to the tariffs set by the Bank.

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