Favorable lending conditions create wider business development opportunities for the small and medium-sized enterprises and private entrepreneurs. We offer specially designed credit programs for a particular group of customers based on market-specific business studies. This kind of approach ensures an active development for the SME and fulfils the customers’ expectations.

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Business loans

Business loan “Special”


500 000 USD
250.000.000 AMD


8.5% in case of USD
11% in case of AMD


Up to 60 months

Business loan “Special”


The loan is intended for business purposes as well as refinancing loans at other banks.

Requirements to the borrower

  • Private Entrepreneur or Legal Entity
  • Business period of at least 12 months
  • Positive loan history, in accordance with Bank's Credit Policy

Loan currency



Minimum amount of the loan

25 000 000

50 000

Maximum amount of the loan

250 000 000

500 000

The minimum annual interest rate of the loan up to 24 months

11 %

8.5 %

The minimum annual interest rate of the loan up to 48 months

11.5 %


The minimum annual interest rate of the loan up to 60 months

12 %

9 %

Maximum loan term

60 months


Movable (vehicles) and immovable property, commodity stocks, working capital, etc.

Loan/collateral ratio

  • Maximum 70% in accordance with Bank's Credit Policy.
  • Movable and immovable property, including machinery, working capital; in case of accepting as one general collateral, the loan amount should not exceed the market value of the pledged immovable property.

The loan interest rate is calculated on the declining loan balance. The Bank does not intend to change the nominal interest rate during the term of the loan agreement, unless the borrower violates the terms of the agreement. In the case of foreign currency loans, changes in foreign exchange rates can affect the repayment of the loan.

Loan commission fee

1% /lump sum/

Procedure for providing a loan

The loan provision method is cashless.

Loan repayment procedure

  • Equal, annuity or adjusted schedule of principal repayment, including repayments with a grace period of up to 6 months, depending on the characteristics of the business.
  • Monthly interest repayment


  • In case of delaying the loan and interest rate repayments for two and more following working days, the borrower is charged with a monthly penalty of 2% of the overdue amount.
  • In the case of early repayment of the loan, in the case of getting refinanced from other financial institutions, a penalty of 2% of the loan balance for the early repayment may be applied.

Attention! In case of non-timely repayment of interest and loan amount, the pledged property can be confiscated, and the borrower's information can be registered in the credit register. In case of non-fulfillment of credit obligations and repayment of liabilities at the expense of collateral, and if the collateral is not sufficient to cover the borrower's credit obligations, repayment of liabilities at the expense of the borrower’s other property is possible.

Loan application review fee

10 000 AMD

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