Banking cards

Banking cards of “Unibank” are modern convenient payment tool which allows you to easily use for cashless payment for goods and services or to withdraw cash from ATMs around the world. “Unibank” offers to the clients international cards of Visa system and ArCa local cards.

This year “Unibank” started emitting chip cards Visa within the bounds of processing centre. There is a special microprocessor on chip cards which provides higher protection. One more privilege of chip cards is the multicurrency which supposes attachment to the mane card of several accounts in different currencies. Multicurrency of cards are favorable from the point of using in different currencies.

Specially for cardholders “Unibank” realizes “Magnis” loyalty program within which in case of paying for goods and services Unibank cardholders will be given up to 40% discount. Today the catalogue of “Magnis” program includes 270 brands - 400 shops and service points. The fact of partnership is defined by a special sticker with “Magnis” logo and discount information placed at the entrance of the companies. About exclusive offers of our partners please visit

In case of insuring the maximum comfort in cardholders’ service “Unibank” organized 24- hour Support Service. If you are Unibank cardholder our specialists will always help you at any time of the day. For detail information you can call: (+37410) 555 385.

The Bank offers its cardholders also to make use of Message-informing Service. In case of the following service connection banking cardholders are provided with the possibility to get information on the cash means movement on the card account. The messages are sent by the Bank to the mobile phone, noted by the cardholder in case of service connection.

The cardholders of the Bank are required to apply to the Bank in order to connect to the Message-informing Service.

Updated: 10/08/18 17:15