Win a trip to The Olympic Games Paris 2024 with Unibank thanks Visa

Win a trip to The Olympic Games Paris 2024 with Unibank thanks Visa


Win a trip to The Olympic Games Paris 2024 with Unibank thanks Visa

Campaign organizers: “Unibank” OJSC, Visa payment system

Duration: 01.03.2024 - 01.06.2024


Monthly award

  • 4 souvenirs with Visa and Olympic Games branding,

  • 4 Visa and Olympic Games branded cards,

  • 4 cash prizes in the amount of 50 000 AMD per person

Grand Prize

2 packages - for closing ceremony, 3 nights and mid Olympic Games, 4 nights

To take part in the campaign it is necessary:

  • to have any of the Unibank Visa cards,

  • to make 50 000 or more non-cash payments with a Unibank Visa card in one month during the campaign /transactions will not be calculated if they are canceled/.

Every month 4 participants will be randomly selected from those who meet the mentioned conditions, and they will be given souvenirs, a cash prize, an Olympic Games themed Visa card and the right to participate in the grand prize draw. The souvenirs and the cash prize will be handed out in the head office of the Bank, in the presence of a famous athletes, member of the Unisport club.

Selected monthly participants will take part in a grand prize drawing at the end of the campaign. The participants will be invited to a festive event where they will participate in a sports activity organized by Unisport Club. Two persons who score the highest in the sports tasks, will be awarded the grand prizes: trips to Paris 2024.

The Winners of the monthly prize will be notified about that via phone call. The prize winner must visit the Unibank's head office within 15 days after notification, present an ID and receive the prize.

In case of not dropping by at the head office of Unibank within the specified period, it will be considered that the prize winner renounces his prize and cannot claim it in the future.

Attendance at the Grand Prize drawing is mandatory. Participant may assign his right to participate to a family member.

One cannot join the campaign if they are:

  • Bank employees

  • Clients who have an overdue obligation to the Bank or are in legal proceedings with the Bank.

The prizes cannot be exchanged, and the Bank doesn’t provide money equivalent to them.

The Bank does not bear any responsibility for the provision of incorrect contact information by the campaign participant, as well as its change and their failure to inform the Bank about it in the due form.

The Bank and Visa will support but does not guarantee that the winner of the campaign will be granted a Shengen visa.

Call center: +374 10 59 55 55