Internet Bank- Client

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Internet Bank- Client

Dear clients,
Unibank has extended the functions of “Internet Bank-Client” system and has updated the formation, thus increasing the quality and the convenience of the system usage for its clients. In case of any problems regarding the use of the system, click the question mark(?) button to get help. You may contact our specialists by calling (+37410) 59 55 55.
Ինտերնետ բանկ

“Internet Bank-Client” system is aimed at managing clients’ bank accounts through Internet. The system provides its clients with an opportunity of full banking service in real time offering a secure access to banking information through internet. It gives clients an opportunity to work on payment documents without visiting the Bank, send those documents to the Bank, receive bank account statements, and so on.

The system has the following operations:

  • Work with payment documents,
  • Provision of payment documents to the bank through Internet,
  • Receipt of bank statements by accounts for any period,
  • Utility bill payment.

You may learn about the tariffs of “Internet Bank- Client” system here:

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The procedure of entering “Internet Bank- Client” system

To use the system log on  BANK CLIENT  website, enter your login and password. In case of any data error the system gives a warning for the clients to repeat action. After enterin the login and the password, the “Login” button should be clicked after which the system will perform client identification and will ask for your secret clue.

After registration at the system, the main menu opens where clients choose the necessary functions for further actions. On the main page information on all the accounts, with which clients may perform any operations is displayed (account number, currency, opening date, etc.). Accounts statements will be available on “Balance”. The system also gives the opportunity to print documents.

Security provision of “Internet Bank- Client” system

Clients’ identification is performed by checking their login, password and secret clue. The bank server fixes and saves all the clients actions. Payment documents made by clients are under bilateral supervision by the bank and the clients themselves.  

The security of Unibank’s “Internet Bank- Client” system is guaranteed by VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV certificate. The certificate is based on EV and SGC technologies, that are now considered to be the best methods of struggling against cryptology and fishing. VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV certificate displays green address instead of the red one and the Bank’s name in the Browser thus excepting all the attempts of fraud by third parties by %.
If a site is protected by VeriSign technology and it bears the logo of the certificate, users may be sure of the security of presented data.

To maintain the security rules of “Internet Bank- Client” system, clients are advised to: 
  • Keep passwords and clues in secret, 
  • Close the browser window before visiting other websites and exclude the possibility of copying the webpage by a third party.